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Private Garden, London N5

Working in collaboration with the architect responsible for the renovation and extension of this large victorian villa.  This ensured the landscape design sucessfully meshed with their plans for the house.

The garden design includes a large Portland stone patio alongside a 25ft koi pond close to the main living space.  Wide stones create stepped paths leading out from the patio and from the living room through the wide borders to the lawn.  At the far end of the lawn are more wide stepping stones to the pergola-covered deck which is pierced by a mature horse chestnut tree.  

A hidden path takes you through the wide border to an invisible gate which provides access through the screen, to a food growing area where three large raised beds a shed and a greenhouse are located.

The bespoke joinery screen that hides this from the house also has a decked area with a balcony and pergola.  This provides an alternative seating area with views to the food-growing area and the trains that run in a cutting beyond the garden.  A trainspotters paradise!

The central lawn is surrounded on all sides by wide densely planted borders, edged in low Box and filled with large tree ferns, low Box mounds and a variety of shrubs and perennials, to give maximum interest throughout the year.

Private Garden, Littlewood,
Norwich, Norfolk

A garden design for a new-buld house on a small development of eco-friendly houses.

The plan takes advantage of two areas to each side of the house to create three distinct areas; The main lawn and formallly planted bed which is visible from the house and two hidden gardens, a fern garden and meditation area to one side and to the other a long fence shelters a food production area and creates a 'secret garden' which is a south-facing sun trap with a deck, water feature and wildlife-friendly planting.

A mixed hedge has been planted against the fence and play equipment for children has been installed. 

Private Garden, Highgate, 
London N6

A large garden in N6 which was redesigned to create wider borders to accommodate maximal planting and to zone the raised part of the garden into two distinct areas; the main lawn to be surrounded by lush planting and a separate far area which was used by children for a ping-pong table in summer that could become a food-growing area in the future.

A lower area near the house already had a pond and patio, however seen from the house too  much hard landscaping was dominating the view.  We removed some of the paving to create new areas into which ferns were planted to screeen the low walls and added plants inbetween the steps that will fill out to give the desired 'floating step' effect.  Spaces in the borders were filled with mainly evergreeen perennials.

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