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Public, Commercial and School Projects

Brecknock Road:
200m long verge.
Client: London Borough of Islington


As part of their 'Greening the Grey' scheme to reduce rainwater runoff I was asked to design and install planting to a 200m long section of what was previously a very wide pavement.

The area of block paving was removed, post and rail installed and a temporary post and wire fence to protect the plants which was to be removed after two years.

The planting design consisted of masses of wildlife-friendly, mainly evergreen perennials and shrubs.  It was designed to be viewed from two sides, both from the pavement and the housing estate on the other side of the railings.

The planting really improved the pedestrian entrance to Hilldrop Estate.  It is a shame that there aren't more of these schemes as we all know streets that would benefit from this treatment.

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