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Residential Projects continued...

Romantic Private Garden

Full garden design and maintenance service.  

The far end of the garden was redesigned to give it more evergreen structural planting.  A focal point was created with the addition of an attractive gazebo to replace a rather shabby bench. 

The eye is now drawn down to the far end of the garden and invites visitors to explore.

Near to the terrace by the house a new access way was installed with stepping stone paving stones running through a bed edged in Box.

Courtyard Garden

A small garden I designed to provide year-round interest when viewed from the full width living dining kitchen. 

A new dining patio of reclaimed York Stone was installed.  A triangular area of planting is edged with a low zig-zag Box hedge and an Olive tree planted into a cube of variegated euonymus gives welcome shade to the table.


Modern Water Garden, Blackheath 

A small north-facing garden was transformed to create a large pond with a waterfall and two seating areas for different times of the day. An existing shed was kept and relocated from the far end of the garden to the side where it was less obtrusive and was up-cycled in the spirit of a Japanese tea-house. 

A large pergola supports the productive vine and the pond now attracts dragonflies, water wagtails and is home to newts and toads.

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